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Excellent post from Robin Sloan: “I am thinking specifically of experimentation around “ways of relating online”. I’ve used that phrase before, and I acknowledge it might be a bit obscure … but, for me, it captures the rich overlap of publishing and networking, media and conviviality. It’s this domain that was so decisively captured in the 2010s, and it’s this domain that is newly up for grabs.”

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#speculativedesign post 1/
Mentioned a few days ago that I designed and led a #speculativedesign symposium and promised some assets from it.

First, the prompt: What would the world look like if our org named our domains (~170) based on customer action instead of anything else?

Only concrete nouns and vivid verbs allowed! No acronyms, brand names, or office names.

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Robin Sloan's essay "A Year of New Avenues" about the end of the big social media platforms and the start of a new era of experimentation on the web is genuinely inspiring. Also I'm a little jealous I didn't write it.

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New from my #1Password team: Shell Plugins!

Being able to log into any CLI tool like `aws` and `gh` using just your fingerprint feels like magic. The fact that you can secure all those access keys in encrypted 1Password vaults is a nice touch.

And we've open-sourced it with a framework! If we haven't built a plugin for your favourite CLI tool, open a pull request and everyone else can enjoy it too.

Get started:

Oh no, it's happening again. New projects when I already have too many projects.

My brain is filled with lots of esoteric federal government knowledge that's not especially useful, but one of my favorite trivia bits is that the research lab that gives its name to "The Secret of NIMH" is a real, actual working research facility!

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I just wrote a very long post about how you, personally, can help to build more resilient and sustainable networks on the web, so that we don't lose contact with each other when one collapses. Because they always, always will collapse.

Spoiler: make a website, write some blog posts, add a links page. And then let's collaborate on more open standards!

#web1_1 #SocialNetwork #Mastodon #MastodonMeta

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It's #GivingTuesday! Which means a great time to help out some great causes!

Just a reminder that you can get one of my Move Carefully and Fix Things stickers for FREE if you donate to the Human Utility! Here's how:

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Hey! Time for a pinnable post here.

I'm Bryce! I'm in Boston, MA, working as software engineer for Suffolk LIT (Legal Innovation Tech) Lab (@SuffolkLITLab), trying to make misc legal systems work better for people. Kinda full-stack work, but focusing on e-filing APIs and right now.

I post and boost stuff about software, computer science, music, movies, video games, biking, and my small fall-colored dog.

Totally welcome DMs and follows!

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Got @EOPbot up and running!

This is an update of my bot from the birdsite which posts policy updates from OMB, OSTP, OPM, etc.

If you're interested in #uspolicy #itpolicy #govtech give it a follow!

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I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently why not stay on Twitter and fight.

The reason is because Musk controls the algorithm. He could ban you tomorrow, and he could also just deprioritize every one of your tweets so no one sees them.

You can’t fight and win when the opponent has complete control over the field of conflict.

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Now that I can write about gov't stuff without running the risk that my account will be considered a public record: the U.S. General Service Administration is hiring staff for their new new Technology Law Division! They need three tech lawyers plus one lawyer to head it up (Associate General Counsel for Technology Law). These are all _absolutely crucial_ positions in ensuring that GSA's shared software and technology services can scale up for big impact. Lawyers, apply!

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I’m beginning to see quite a few “this is a positive space, there is no place for negativity here” style posts (especially by newer folks) so I want to hopefully clear something up:

This is also a space to be protected. From fascists, bigots, etc., and also from corporate capture (unless you want to watch it turn into what the greater web turned into. Some of us lived through that once. Would be nice not to again.) Opposing such things—and vocally if need be—is not a negative; it is a positive.

These posts then get pulled via RSS to the website (eventually when I fix the GitHub cron action.)

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I'm hoping to create an autoposting jobs bot pretty soon, but in the meantime I'm manually crossposting from my personal jobs board on my website to @jobs !!! Check it out!

Hi, I'm Bill, a software engineer - turned policy pusher - turned bureaucrat.

Most folks know me for my work (OpenGov Fndn & Sunlight Fndn)

or my work around : OMB/White House, USDS@VA, SBA, currently SEC

I consider myself a (though I am *actually* a former-sometimes person)

I make silly shirts & stickers, like "Move Carefully and Fix Things"

I also have a & streaming series

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