Hot bench at #eCourts #eCourts2022! With @brycew and Paul Tuttle of Massachusetts Appeals Court

Lots of questions and interest in #eFiling and how it can improve both #SRL and #Court experience here in Las Vegas.

@christa agreed, I've seen a similar thing with readability scores, where the uderlying numbers are kinda relevant, but optimizing for those numbers makes it worse. Like it'd be nice if there was a mystery box that just said "hey, go look at this bit of code here, no hints on why it might be bad though", but I don't think ppl would actually use something like that much

Heading off to #Ecourts. Tomorrow @brycew and I will be talking about the @SuffolkLITLab collaboration with the Massachusetts Appeals #Court.

We used #docassemble to build guided interviews, mainly for emergency #housing #eviction actions. And we'll be talking about the #eFiling integration we built for Tyler Technologies that lets tenants send a completed emergency stay directly to the court docket.

I would appreciate help with code review on the macOS backend for AccessKit ( My primary reviewer doesn't have a Mac, or any experience developing for macOS as far as I'm aware. I'd especially appreciate help from anyone who has previous experience with the Cocoa accessibility API. Knowledge of Rust is a plus, but I don't think it's necessary. The tricky bits around Rust/ObjC interop have already been reviewed by an expert. Thanks!

alternative spotify discourse 

anybody else appreciate that on every "Your Top Songs 2022" playlist, spotify has to include an advisory under "About recommendations" that says "In some cases, commercial considerations may influence our recommendations, but listener satisfaction is our priority and we only ever recommend content we think you’ll want to hear."

this gets slapped on even what purports to be sorted(songs, key=attrgetter(playcount), reverse=True)[:101]

Just edited a little video showing off our new @SuffolkLITLab electronic filing system in a Motion to Stay #Eviction. This is a collaboration with the Massachusetts Appeals Court

@brycew gets credit for doing most of the e-filing coding. Several students also worked on this guided interview

Disabled people, particularly those who use screen readers, magnifiers or other assistive tech - what code editor do you find best to use? Please boost! Also if you have a link to any existing data or related info on this.
#a11y #accessibility #dev

oh hi, good morning! I'm excited to be an advisor to the brand-new Judicial Innovation Fellows program from Georgetown Tech & Law. want to help Americans in some of their most challenging relationships with government? want to help the wonderful people who run courts make them more accessible? know a state court that would interested in hosting a fellow? sign up for more info!

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Anyway, there's gonna be a second post on accessibility stuff some point in the next few months that talks about how to actually put all this in to practice. It'll probably look like this post by the Department of the Interior:

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I spent a descent about of time also making sure the article and my website was as accessible as I could make it; I had to:

* redo my hamburger nav menu to be keyboard navigable
* figure out how to describe detailed diagrams separate from alt text (solution: aria-describedby to a summary element, so the description is also on the page)
* add audio descriptions to a video (failed there, I couldn't get the text to be read, so I put it in another summary element)

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Mild amount of self-promotion 

After working on it for a fairly long time, I've posted by blog post about standards!

I've personally been struggling to figure out what parts of the standards I need to know as a dev, so I wrote about it.

I focused mostly on ARIA, since IMO, it was the most confusing and poorly explained standard. Also tried to add some concrete accessibility improvements I've done recently.

Advice and corrections welcome!

here is some more info, in case you cannot describe your media.
If you need some help captioning your media, you can tag @imagecaptionspls for help.
If your instance federates with them, follow @alt_text to get a friendly reminder in case you forget to caption your media.
If there are bots on other instances that I might not know, reply to this thread and I'll add the information!

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Hey! Time for a pinnable post here.

I'm Bryce! I'm in Boston, MA, working as software engineer for Suffolk LIT (Legal Innovation Tech) Lab (@SuffolkLITLab), trying to make misc legal systems work better for people. Kinda full-stack work, but focusing on e-filing APIs and right now.

I post and boost stuff about software, computer science, music, movies, video games, biking, and my small fall-colored dog.

Totally welcome DMs and follows!

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